Stock Quotes provides investors with breaking up to date news on business, financials and stock markets. Stock quotes and charts from all the major world markets and indices with a focus on the North American stock market exchanges Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 and the TSX Real time charts on Gold, silver, Copper and all the other commodities. has everything you need to follow the stock market all on one website. Crude Oil and Energy information is real time and updates every second. Please save as one of your favorties!

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US Energy Consumption figures are shown in British Thermal Units updated real time every second

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World Energy Consumption figures are shown in British Thermal Units updated real time every second  

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Commodities Trading Common Terms
Spot trading

Spot trading is any transaction purchase or sale which takes place immediately, or with a minimum lag of time between the trade and delivery due to technical issues. Spot trades are settled on the spot as opposed to settling at particular date and time in the future.

 Forward contracts
A forward contract is a mutual agreement between two parties to exchange at some fixed future date and time a given quantity of a commodity for a price defined today. The defined fixed price today is known as the forward price.

Futures contracts
futures contract is a standardized forward contract in which the buyer and the seller are able to negotiate the price, however they both accept the terms in regards to product, grade, quantity and delivery. A futures contract has similar general features as a forward contract but they are standardized to facilitate trading on a futures exchange

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